Curriculum vitae


Giuseppe Bucci – Consultant in R&D, CFD analysis, applied mathematical modeling.

Specialized Professional Competence

Fluid dynamics, heat transfer, combustion, environmental modeling.
Fluid dynamics in industrial systems, computational fluid dynamics, numerical simulation of incompressible-compressible flows
fluid-structure interaction,
two-phase flow,
natural convection,
pollutant dispersion,
indoor air quality simulation,
heat transfer in process furnace,
dynamic systems simulation,
flow in porous media,
solar energy,
energy process analysis and simulation,
geothermal reservoir and wells modeling.

Deep competence in modeling and numerical testing with simulation codes (FLOWORKS,STAR CD,AEA FLOW3D-CFX, ASTEC, SPECTRUM, COSMOS-FLOWPLUS,EFDLab,EFDPro).Software project engineer (C, FORTRAN) in developing computer packages for simulation.

Background and Professional Honors 1984-Doctor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico of Milan, Italy, specialized in Energy resources management 1985-1986-Specialization Courses: -Long range transport of air pollution - CCR ISPRA (Italy) -Computational fluid dynamics - Von Karman Institute (Belgium) -Computational fluid dynamics - Politecnico of Milan (Italy) – prof. Quarteroni 1985-2000-Lecturer . Politecnico of Milan, Energy Dept , Milan, Italy – SOLAR ENERGY course 1985-1988-Combustion systems and energy process engineer . SNAM (ENI Group), Milan, Italy 1988-Kizildere geothermal project, wells data logging and geothermal reservoir modeling-Turkey on site . DAL, Milan, Italy 1989-1990-Nisyros geothermal project, wells data logging and geothermal reservoir modeling – Greece on site . E.E.C. project DAL, Milan, Italy 1991-1993-Consultant for innovative energy process simulation and Nuclear Power Plant CFD analysis. CISE, Milan, Italy 1993-1994-Consultant for energy recovery projects, government financial support analysis . Societa Petrolifera Italiana, Italy 1994-1995Consultant for CFD analysis of energy components. Exponent – Failure Analysis Associates-Menlo Park, CA - USA 1995-2012-Head, Fluid dynamics and process simulation . SINAPSI, Manerba d/G(BS), Italy 2001-2007-Technical manager in Italy for fluid dynamics simulation software Solidworks -CosmosFloworks .

Technical reports • Transient simulation of an accident through PSP in a nuclear SBWR plant (ENEL) . • CFD analysis of an air supply system for industrial burners . • CFD analysis of a gas turbine test combustor (ENEL) . • CFD analysis of a power plant water discharge system . • CFD analysis of pollutant dispersion from chimney stacks . • Indoor gas dispersion simulation: Methane and CO case studies for explosion risks . • Noise reduction and fluid flow modeling in pipes for hydraulic systems (Manuli ) . • Noise reduction and fluid flow modeling in valves for power steerings (TRW) • CFD analysis of a patented noise reduction device for industrial valves . • Dynamic simulation of a passive suspension system for competition cars . • Seakeeping mathematical model of a Surface Effect Ship (SES) . • Fluid dynamic simulation of a control valve for SES . • Fluid structure interaction analysis of aluminium strip pretreatment cell • Fluid structure interaction of gas turbine blade • CFD analysis of a waste treatment furnace • CFD analysis of centrifugal fans • A computational method to calculate pressure,temperature and velocity of flue gases in residential boiler chimneys ,to be applied in Italian standards UNI 10640 , UNI 10641 • A computational method to calculate pressure,temperature and velocity of flue gases in manifolds for multiboilers systems • A computational method to simulate and design an innovative air diffusion system for HVAC. • CFD analysis of a heat exchanger for a condensing boiler • CFD analysis of a steel corrugated heat exchanger for a boiler • CFD analysis of a plate heat exchanger (Giannoni) • CFD analysis and optimization of coil heat exchangers (Condevo) • CFD analysis of a shell and tube heat exchanger (Astra Refrigeranti) • CFD analysis of an explosion accident in a chemical plant (Exponent) • CFD analysis of smoke sensors (Honeywell) • CFD analysis of a chimney stack for a cogeneration power plant (CEFLA) • CFD analysis for cooling of Led Automotive lights (COBO) • Analysis of technical documents in a indoor pollution case litigation (Envirocomp) • Analysis and design of a linear valve for gas control and regulation in burners • Analysis and optimization of valves for gas and oil industry. • Analysis of injection forming of PET and cooling • Analysis of air mixing in gas burners (ENEL, Riello, Sabaf) • A mathematical model to simulate an ORC ( Organic Rankine Cycle) plant(PRATT&WHITNEY). • Transient simulation in chimneys • CFD analysis of clean rooms for pharmaceutical plants (Foster Wheeler,Techniconsult, GSK)