CUBICS - Fluid dynamics & heat transfer analysis for R&D and Engineering

Fluids and energy are almost always an active component of every day life and a substantial driving part of technology. We think that the deep knowledge of these phenomena is the key to improve technology, and that doing it by simulation opens a new way to understand real world.

This idea was so strongly established in our minds that we wrote our first in house CFD code in 1986, in C language, taking inspiration from the mithical book by Patankar "Numerical Heat transfer and fluid flow", considered now a milestone of CFD. Since then we gained experience in the use of the most well known commercial CFD code, but first of all we tried to use them in the most effective way to improve engineering solutions.

Many times the real world is so complex that is better to stop, stay calm and think if higer order phenomena can really affect results or not. Experience in real engineering combined with a rigorous and scientific approach is the key to reach good results in a reasonable time. Moreover we support the idea that many times is useful a completion of the study by a lumped parameters model.

Looking at the images of this web site banners we can say that nature is so strong and wonderful that color maps of simulations are only a pale reflection of reality